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Air quality monitoring system with MCERTS Indicative certification for PM2.5 and PM10, ideal for fenceline monitoring, air pollution measurement, environmental monitoring and industrial pollution monitoring across mining, construction and oil & gas facilities.

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Looking behind the scenes of dust & PM monitoring

Measuring particulate matter (PM) accurately comes with a number of challenges, including effects from humidity and differing particle sizes. Technological considerations are also a factor, such as variable sample flow rates and the physical size and diameter of the sample path, which could affect the number of particles able to be measured.

Anodes and anemometers for harsh winter air quality monitoring

We are often asked by customers whether AQMesh can operate in cold conditions. Long-term use at temperatures well below freezing, with ice and snowfall, is indeed challenging.

Check H2S, SO2 and VOC emissions continuously around your sites

If you are responsible for air pollution around an oil, gas or industrial site, you have a range of options at different price points. AQMesh offers a cost-effective way to continuously monitor ambient air quality, as frequently as every minute, with readings accessed securely online and user-settable alerts.

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You really want to measure that H2S range??

Requests to measure hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in ambient air at unthinkably high levels seem to be at odds with our efforts to detect and report single-figure parts per billion H2S emissions. So, why are we asked for such high ranges? 

Who’s behind AQMesh?

Did you know that we have always been part of wider group of companies, offering a portfolio of emissions, leak detection and gas stream monitoring products, software and services, specialising in methane?

“Maintenance-free air quality monitoring” – is it a myth?

There’s no doubt that small sensor systems can have an advantage over their cumbersome reference station cousins – in terms of maintenance requirements. We are often asked about ‘service’ requirements for our pods and the honest answer is that the default position, in normal working conditions, is ‘none’. However ..

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