AQMesh is the proven small sensor air quality monitoring system for pollutants including NO2 and PM2.5

AQMesh has been independently tested and readings compared to reference by leading air quality professionals

AQMesh provides the key measurements needed to understand local air quality - all from a single, easily-mounted unit

Gases & particulates

AQMesh pods measures key pollutants in ambient air, both outdoor and indoor, using the best small sensor technology combined with data processing derived from extensive global comparisons with reference data.


Featured news

Traffic pollution in office buildings drives innovative indoor-outdoor air quality management

24th April 2018

Extensive research has shown that indoor air quality is often worse than outdoors. Closed system buildings trap harmful particles inside, and external air intakes can bring in more polluted air from outside.…

MPCA AQMesh small sensor AQ network takes shape in Minneapolis - St. Paul

8th March 2018

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has purchased fifty AQMesh pods to measure key air pollution gases and particulate matter across fifty different zip code areas. These small sensor air quality monitoring…

Smart cities risk reputation with poor air quality data

30th January 2018

The team at AQMesh continue to receive many enquiries from smart city initiatives and are concerned that integrators risk undermining entire projects by distributing meaningless or misleading air quality…

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Proven results

Co-location comparison trials

AQMesh performance has developed through a series of co-location comparison trials in which AQMesh pods are installed next to an air quality monitoring reference station, with the comparative data then analysed to produce an R2 value showing the close relationship between the instruments.

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Co-location trial in Benelux

Results from a 2017 co-location trial in Benelux showing the outstanding correlation of AQMesh against reference equipment when measuring NO2, giving an R2 value of 0.9

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Co-location comparison trial for NO in Slovakia

A co-location comparison trial in 2017 for NO in Slovakia proves AQMesh performance against reference, delivering R2 value of 0.93.

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