Key benefits of AQMesh

Multisensor mini air quality monitoring station

AQMesh pods can measure just one gas or up to six gases, particles, noise and wind speed & direction. Humidity, pressure and pod temperature are always measured.

Easy to install

AQMesh pods are neat, compact and easy install within just a few minutes and experienced technical staff are not required. A 90 second installation video shows just how quick it is to be up and running.

Monitor exactly where monitoring is required

With wireless communications using the global mobile network and a choice of power options, including batteries, mains supply or a bespoke solar pack, AQMesh can be installed in almost any location.

Low cost of ownership

AQMesh pods require very little maintenance and there is a very low ongoing cost. All we recommend is the electrochemical sensors are replaced every two years, and we replace all sensors for free during the first year.

Proven to last in the field

AQMesh has been on the market and in the field since 2012, with some customers still successfully operating the exact same pods they received nine years ago.

Data management flexibility

AQMesh processes and stores all readings on its bespoke secure server which can be accessed by a website login or API to integrate with other systems, or it can be simple emailed to you at your preferred schedule.

Accurately measure the target pollutant

Meaningful correction of cross-gas effects and interference from environmental conditions is consistently delivered through proven and traceable processing.

NO2 measurements that can be relied on

Whilst some manufacturers use a calculation to give an NO2 reading, AQMesh uses a unique O3-filtered NO2 sensor for accurate, direct measurement of NO2.

Maximum uptime across the network

Robust hardware, wireless communications and the secure AQMeshData server mean AQMesh pods can easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data if power is ever interrupted.

Server security taken seriously

Encrypted disks, complex authentication, audit logs and proactive systems for continuous detection of vulnerabilities and intrusions are routinely examined, making the AQMeshData server – and users’ data – as secure as possible.

Data secure and accessible on the cloud

With measurements processed and stored on the secure AQMeshData server there is no need for site visits to retrieve data and should anything untoward happen to the pod, data is still perfectly safe and accessible.

Real-time pollution alerts

Email alerts can be set for exceedances on any data channel, completely customisable to the user’s required detection limits and can be integrated into other systems for autonomous control.

Repeatable, traceable results

The carefully developed data processing algorithms used by AQMesh are fully traceable and fixed by version number, and, unlike other systems, have been achieved with no use of machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Proven track record & stability

AQMesh performance and long-term baseline stability has been proven over many years of independent global co-location trials against certified reference equipment, providing AQMesh with a wealth of datasets that no other manufacturer has access to.

Measure accurately across every continent

Development through extensive global co-location comparison trials in all seasons across each continent means AQMesh can operate in the widest possible range of environments and conditions.

Outstanding global customer support

AQMesh prides itself on the level of global customer support it provides to its distributors and end users before, during and after sale. There is no cost for technical support and location is not a barrier.

Latest news

AQMesh to feature at PNW SETAC Annual Conference 2021

AQMesh to feature at PNW SETAC Annual Conference 2021

A collaborative research project between City of Kitchener, Wilfred Laurier University and Hemmera Envirochem Inc, which uses AQMesh pods installed across Kitchener, will be presented at the Pacific Northwest SETAC Annual Conference in the USA on April 15th-16th.
Local air quality data secure and accessible?

Local air quality data secure and accessible?

Small sensor air quality monitoring devices can be mounted flexibly, offering localised air quality information and data analysis, but they vary in what they can measure, how accurately they measure it, and how readings are accessed by users. Critically they also vary in terms of the reliability of data delivery.
Breathe London air quality data now available in 3D

Breathe London air quality data now available in 3D

The Breathe London project has this week released a 3D data visualisation story created by the Environmental Defense Fund Europe and Google. Google Street View cars were fitted with mobile sensors in order to drive around London and take readings of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels every second, to supplement the city-wide air quality monitoring network of 100 AQMesh pods.

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Proven results

AQMesh is the only small sensor air quality monitoring system that can demonstrate its performance across extensive global co-location comparison trials now spanning more than nine years. AQMesh pods have been operating out in the field since 2012 next to certified reference equipment, in real applications, in real conditions, across all environments, throughout all seasons, for months rather than weeks or days.

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