AQMesh air quality monitoring system

AQMesh is a small sensor air quality monitor ideal for fenceline monitoring, with MCERTS Indicative certification for PM2.5 and PM10

A single pod can monitor up to 6 gases as well as PM, noise and wind speed & direction with seamless data delivery and a range of power options.

All AQMesh pods are built to order at our UK factory, with a standard lead time of only 2 weeks, which includes our rigorous sensor characterisation and quality control process to ensure the best possible out-of-the-box accuracy.

Select your application below for recommended gas and PM specifications, or build your own with our AQMesh configurator.

Proven accuracy

AQMesh pods have been operating in real-world applications for the past decade. Across six continents and in all seasons, AQMesh pods have experienced some of the harshest conditions and environments around the world. By co-locating AQMesh pods with certified reference instruments in these real-world conditions, a wealth of datasets and working knowledge of the sensors has been collected, pushing AQMesh accuracy and reliability further than any other small sensor manufacturer.

Our PM sensor has MCERTS Indicative certification for PM2.5 and PM10 with either a heated or unheated inlet, and our gas sensors have been meeting soon-to-be released CEN standards for years. Whilst the US EPA has stated it won’t offer certification for small sensor systems, it has offered targets for such devices, which AQMesh has been meeting for years.

Shows summary of global co-locations against MCERTS standards, with the green line indicating MCERTS Indicative limit (scaling allowed) and purple line indicating MCERTS Equivalence limit (scaling not allowed)

Shows summary of global co-locations against EPA targets for linearity (R2) :- NO2 > 0.7, CO >0.8 and slope: NO2 0.65-1.35, CO 0.8-1.2

AQMesh is also verified in a variety of independent trials and academic trials and studies, been trusted by hundreds of users around the world as well proving the legitimacy of small sensors for smart cities and leading the way for small sensor certification.

If you are interested in more information about AQMesh accuracy, various global standards and certifications for small sensor systems, or would like to see more performance data, please get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to share this with you.

Power supply options

AQMesh air quality monitoring systems offers a range of power supply options depending upon your monitoring requirements.

The smart solar pack is our most popular choice, offering autonomous continuous power all year round.
Internal lithium batteries are useful for pods monitoring gases only.

Internal lithium battery External lithium battery pack Rechargeable NiMH battery DC power with mains transformer Smart solar pack

Typical specifications

All AQMesh pods measure pod temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure as standard and do not need to be specified.

Data access options

AQMesh is available with a range of secure data access packages tailored for varying levels of requirements. AQMesh currently offers three different methods of secure data access from its bespoke AQMeshData server:-

  • Basic download
  • Web application
  • API

Click here for more information about AQMesh data access packages.

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