Low cost of ownership

Low cost of ownership

AQMesh pods require very little maintenance and there is a very low ongoing cost. All we recommend is the electrochemical sensors are replaced every two years, and we replace all sensors for free during the first year.

You literally install your AQMesh pod and access data for two years, with no need for maintenance or sensor changes. Many users choose to move pods about and carry out co-locations for traceability but that’s not the same as having to make additional visits to the equipment that are no help to your project.

We recommend that electrochemical and PM sensors are swapped out after two years. This is as a precaution and not because we see a decline in sensor performance over time. The pumps we use have a life over two years and the electrochemical sensor manufacture recommends replacement after two years but we have not seen a degradation of performance, including drift, in any long-term trials. If you are being told that “all sensors drift” then challenge this – is the response being affected by the way the sensor is being used in their equipment?

Electrochemical sensors do sometimes fail but we operate a remote detection and alert warranty system: we pick up the failure, tell you and disable the affected channel so bad data cannot be published, as well as sending you a replacement, free of charge during the first year. As soon as the sensor replacement is confirmed, data comes back online for that channel.

We offer a free data access service as one of our options and you can use your own local M2M SIM if you prefer, although our global SIM contracts give fantastic worldwide coverage and are reasonably priced, offering fixed costs, convenience and minimal ongoing expenses. When choosing your small sensor system make sure you ask about costs for year 1, year 2, year 3 and beyond.

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