About AQMesh

AQMesh is the proven small sensor outdoor air quality monitor manufactured in the UK by Environmental Instruments Ltd and supported worldwide through a global network of distributors. It has been designed to offer a robust and easy-to-use air quality monitoring system that can deliver localised real-time readings, improving the accuracy and scope of gathering air quality data in order to support initiatives to reduce air pollution and its risk to human health.

Product timeline

AQMesh was first launched in 2012 and has seen a number of improvements in design and functionality since its early days. Beginning as a pod powered by a lithium battery and measuring either 3 or 5 gases, AQMesh is now a modular platform measuring from a single gas to up to 6 gases with PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, noise and wind speed & direction. It offers all the benefits of a full air quality monitoring station without increasing in size and a range of autonomous power supply options, including a bespoke solar pack, and completed with seamless data delivery using the latest communications technology.

Key contacts at AQMesh

AQMesh and AQMeshData.net design, development, implementation, manufacture, QAQC, supply, service and support takes place by the AQMesh team at Environmental Instruments Ltd in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. A global network of approved, authorised and trained distributors help supply and support AQMesh worldwide. 

Company documents

Part of the Ecotec group

Environmental Instruments Ltd is part of the Ecotec group of companies. With headquarters in the USA, Ecotec specialise in high-precision hardware, integrated software and reporting for greenhouse gas monitoring and measurement – providing users in the methane market with auditable reporting for safe, sustainable operations. For more information visit www.eccotecco.com