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Easy to install

AQMesh pods are neat, compact and easy install within just a few minutes and experienced technical staff are not required. A 90 second installation video shows just how quick it is to be up and running.

We have been up the ladders and understand that you only have two hands. A great deal of thought, experience and feedback has gone into how AQMesh is installed. We used to sell separate fittings but realised that things are often not quite what you expected on site, or that even the best laid plans can change. So we supply universal fittings which require the minimum amount of time up a ladder or on a busy street to handle. Our simple installation video shows how we recommend the pods are installed and proves that 20 pods can be successfully installed in one morning.

Obviously the battery-powered pods are easiest to install but we have also gone the extra mile on solar and DC power supply. Our solar pack is not just a solar panel: the whole optimised back-up battery and smart charging unit which supports – and tilts – the solar panel also mounts to a post with a small number of universal fittings that are supplied. We also have a video to show this, as well as an app to confirm that charging levels are correct before you leave the site.

As not all power supplies are equal, in many ways, we supply as standard a fully tested weatherproof AC to DC transformer, to ensure that the power supply reaching the equipment is as smooth as possible, allowing AQMesh to achieve the unparalleled sensitivity at single figure ppb which has been consistently demonstrated.

Of course a benefit of being able to install a pod easily is that it is equally as easy to move around, monitoring in the locations your project requires, including co-location with reference.

Have you asked exactly how other small sensor systems are installed? What tools you need? How long you will have to be up a ladder? How heavy / awkward the equipment is? Have they proven to you that it is easy?