Some projects run more smoothly than others – what makes the difference?

We have some thoughts here at AQMesh about the common features of successful, well-run small sensor air quality monitoring projects. This is our list, but we’d love to hear your ideas.

  • One main contact who remains constant throughout the project
  • Clear project objective(s) and timescale, even if the client doesn't share them with us
  • The main contact requests and distributes relevant information to all the right people - guides, videos, manuals
  • Planned installation locations are reviewed - by the client and by our team - on Google maps and using photos
  • Direct communication between installation staff is actively encouraged
  • Regular data reviews, so any issues are addressed quickly
  • All available resources are used, such as our site technicians' 'app'

These points seem to be critical, wherever the project is, and whether it is totally confidential, ‘typical’ or novel.

What would you add to the list for successfully running a small sensor air quality monitoring network?