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Monitoring air pollution at mines

Whether you’re a mining operator or a consultant offering monitoring services to your mining clients, AQMesh offers a robust, versatile and reliable solution for air pollution monitoring across the site and along the site perimeter.

Why monitor around mining facilities?

Monitoring along the site boundary or perimeter is important for several reasons:-

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Protection of neighbouring communities
  • Triggering ventilation or dust mitigation systems

Site operators have used AQMesh for a number of monitoring projects, including feasibility studies and to provide baseline air pollution and dust levels before a site is operational, ahead of continuous real-time monitoring of daily site operations. AQMesh is also used for fence line or boundary monitoring along the site’s perimeter, to measure ambient pollution levels and check what – if any – pollutants are making their way off site and potentially harming nearby communities or the local environment.

How can AQMesh help with monitoring at your site?

AQMesh is an accurate, compact and robust low cost air quality monitoring system that is ideal for monitoring in harsh environments. It has been easily installed by users across their mining facilities on posts, walls or fences, and once installed there is no need to visit the site. The data – which is completely owned by the user – is securely accessed from anywhere via a web app or API feed to integrate with their own databases or modelling systems. AQMesh has proven long-term stability and accuracy, and can use real-time alerts for activating ventilation or dust mitigation systems or threshold as exceedence alarms. The heated inlet used in AQMesh has benefited numerous customers by reducing the effects of moisture, and the data processing algorithms can flag up erroneous data points caused by deliquescence. Several pods can be installed across the site or along the site boundary for continuous monitoring of 10+ pollutants and all users are able to access remote support and diagnostics from the most experienced team in the industry.

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Key benefits of using AQMesh in mining applications

  • Maximum uptime across the network

    Robust hardware, wireless communications and the secure AQMeshData server mean AQMesh pods can easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data if power is ever interrupted. Faults or failures can be detected, diagnosed and resolved swiftly and remotely, without the need to visit the equipment.

  • Low cost of ownership

    AQMesh pods require very little maintenance and there is a very low ongoing cost. All we recommend is the electrochemical sensors are replaced every two years, and we replace all sensors for free during the first year.

  • Easy to install

    AQMesh pods are neat, compact and easy install within just a few minutes and experienced technical staff are not required. A 90 second installation video shows just how quick it is to be up and running.

  • Real-time pollution alerts

    Email alerts can be set for exceedances on any data channel, completely customisable to the user’s required detection limits and can be integrated into other systems for autonomous control.

  • Proven to last in the field

    AQMesh has been on the market and in the field since 2012, with some customers still successfully operating the exact same pods they received 12 years ago.

  • Data management flexibility

    AQMesh processes and stores all readings on its bespoke secure server which can be accessed by a website login or API to integrate with other systems, or it can be simple emailed to you at your preferred schedule.

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