Configuration options

Use this tool to specify your monitoring solution. ALL AQMesh pods measure temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity as standard.


Choose up to 5 of the available electrochemical sensors for measuring gases. Please note, if measuring O3 and/or SO2 then NO2 must also be specified. CO2 monitoring uses a NDIR sensor and can also be specified separately below.


Would you like to monitor CO2?


Would you like PM monitoring?

Will you need a heated inlet?

Wind speed & direction

Would you like to monitor wind speed & direction?


Would you like to monitor noise?

Power options

Please note that internal battery packs are not appropriate if you require PM monitoring. If choosing external power, we recommend using our inline mains transformer.

If you are unsure about the range of power options available and which is best suited to your needs please explain in the quote enquiry form and we can discuss your application with you.

Advised part number

The recommended part number based on your monitoring requirements is:


Please check that the details below match your specification.

Measuring gases
Measuring particles
Also measuring
Power option

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