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Proven to last in the field

AQMesh has been on the market and in the field since 2012, with some customers still successfully operating the exact same pods they received nine years ago.

As well as designing our product in the UK, every pod is manufactured at our UK premises. Our background is in manufacture of rugged environmental monitoring equipment and AQMesh was designed to work in any conditions. Pods have survived (and produced good data) in conditions ranging from desert to monsoon. Look at the countries where AQMesh has been used. AQMesh pods have even been in use in sulphurous volcanic areas and kept on monitoring as infrastructure corroded around them.

Our confidence in the robustness of AQMesh is reflected in the warranty we offer for pods: we expect pods to be working in the field for years and we always support and upgrade pods as long as they are in use. We are disappointed when we hear generalised expectations that small sensor systems are only expected to last for a couple of years, as this is certainly not the case with AQMesh and we can prove it.