Fenceline monitoring

What is fence line monitoring?

Fenceline monitoring - or perimeter / boundary monitoring - is the process of monitoring emissions from industrial facilities along the site’s boundary, in order to ensure that any pollution from the site's operational activity are either not escaping off the site, or if they are they are not exceeding any regulatory limits.

Why is fence line monitoring important?

Monitoring along the site boundary or perimeter is important for several reasons:-

  • Environmental protection
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Public health
  • Continuous improvement

Fenceline monitoring ensures that any emissions from the site do not cause harm to the surrounding environment. Most operators are required to comply with air quality and environmental regulations, so monitoring also allows industrial sites to check they are meeting these regulations. Monitoring emissions can also help protect the health of anyone living and working near the facility, as well as being a useful tool for identifying opportunities for improving emissions and help with developing pollution mitigation strategies.

How can AQMesh help with fence line monitoring?

AQMesh is an accurate, compact and robust low cost air quality monitoring system that is ideal for boundary monitoring in harsh environments. Numerous AQMesh pods can be easily installed at several points around the site perimeter to monitor 10+ pollutants in near-real time, using autonomous power options and wireless communications. AQMesh also offers real-time pollution alerts, smart remote support and diagnostics and proven data accuracy.

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Benefits of using AQMesh for fence line monitoring

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