Ports and shipping, airports, rail and road traffic management

Transportation is one of the largest contributors to a reduction in air quality, especially in urban areas, producing many pollutants including nitrogen oxides, particulates and noise from roads, airports, rail networks and ports.

Conventional air quality monitoring systems are often too large and complex to install in the locations where monitoring is necessary to provide sufficient resolution to identify sources and implement changes. AQMesh is ideal for this application, already being deployed across the globe in railway stations, along port and harbour coastlines, at airports and alongside intelligent traffic management systems. A number of power sources can be used to suit the specific location with data returned in near real-time via our secure, web-based application in easily recognisable formats. Reliable data can be compared with traffic flow and meteorological information to allow a better understanding of conditions which lead to pollutant excursions and how to minimise and prevent them in future.

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