Independent & academic studies

Independent studies AQMesh has been used in

Title Publication Lead author Date Link
Application of machine learning and statistical modeling to identify sources of air pollutant levels in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Environmental Science: Atmospheres, Issue 6 Wisam Mohammed Nov 2022 Link
Air Quality Measurements in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Using Multisensor Mini Monitoring Stations Atmosphere 2022, 13 (1), 83 Hind A. Al-Abadleh Jan 2022 Link
Air Quality Outside Schools in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: An Investigation into NO2 and PM Concentrations and PM Respiratory Deposition Atmosphere 2022, 13 (2), 172 Laura Keast Jan 2022 Link
Assessment of air quality sensor system performance after relocation Atmospheric Pollution Research, Volume 12 Issue 2 Stefano Zauli-Sajani Feb 2021 Link
Development of an integrated modelling-measurement system for near-real-time estimates of harbour activity impact to air pollution in coastal cities Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Volume 73 Eva Merico Aug 2019 Link
A toolbox for understanding and implementing a citizens’ observatory on air monitoring Multimedia Tools and Applications for Environmental & Biodiversity Hai-Ying Lui Jun 2018 Link
Outlier detection and gap filling methodologies for low-cost air quality measurements Environmental Science: Process and Impacts, issue 4 Thor-Bjorn Otteson 2019 Link
Evaluation of air quality at Birmingham New Street station Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit AL Hickman Jan 2018 Link
Node-to-node field calibration of wireless distributed air pollution sensor networks Environmental Pollution, Volume 233 Fadi Kizel Feb 2018 Link
Vertical monitoring of traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) in urban street canyons of Hong Kong Science of the Total Environment, Volume 670 Paulina P.Y Wong Jun 2019 Link
Can commercial low-cost sensor platforms contribute to air quality monitoring and exposure estimates? Environment International, Volume 99 Nuria Castell Feb 2017 Link
Localised real-time information on outdoor air quality using low-cost sensor nodes Environmental Research, Volume 165 Nuria Castell Aug 2018 Link
Assessment of air quality microsensors versus reference methods: The EuNetAir Joint Exercise – Part II Atmospheric Environment, Volume 193 C. Borrego Nov 2018 Link
In search of an optimal in-field calibration method of low-cost gas sensors for ambient air pollutants Atmospheric Environment, Volume 213 Dusan B. Topalovic Sep 2019 Link
Structuring an integrated air quality monitoring network in large urban areas Atmospheric Environment: X, Volume 2 Said Munir Apr 2019 Link
Using statistical methods to carry out in-field calibrations of low cost air quality sensors Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 267 Jose Maria Cordero Aug 2018 Link
Assessment of air quality microsensors versus reference methods – The EuNetAir Joint Exercise Atmospheric Environment, Volume 147 C. Borrego Dec 2016 Link
Using a commercial low cost sensor network (AQMesh) to quantify urban air quality: Comparing measured and modelled (ADMS-Urban) pollutant concentrations Air Quality Monitoring: Evolving Issues and New Technologies D. Carruthers Dec 2016 Link
Amperometric Gas Sensors as a Low Cost Emerging Technology Platform for Air Quality Monitoring Applications ACS Sensors 2017, 2, (11) Ronan Baron Oct 2017 Link
Collaborative Sensor Rotation Programme: Kincardine – Forth Road Bridge Closure IBI Group Report prepared for Transport for Scotland Aaron Brown Dec 2016 Link

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