Outstanding global customer support

Outstanding global customer support

AQMesh prides itself on the level of global customer support it provides to its distributors and end users before, during and after sale. There is no cost for technical support and location is not a barrier.

It doesn’t matter what the question, or at what stage in your AQMesh pod ownership, we are here to help. AQMesh has been used across dozens of countries for years and we have built up a comprehensive base of support material, available to all our users, including videos to guide users through every installation and maintenance step.

You put your pod away in a cupboard after a project two years ago and want to bring it back to life: no problem. You have a new user who needs some training: let’s start with the videos and set up a call to handle any questions. You are out on site and need some help right there over the phone: fine (within reason). You need to update your firmware but could do with some help with remote desktop support: let’s schedule it.

This sort of support is unlimited and comes as part of the standard AQMesh package, for the life of your pod. Compare this with support from elsewhere which is only offered as part of a chargeable subscription or a limited service add-on.

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