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Maximum uptime across the network

Robust hardware, wireless communications and the secure AQMeshData server mean AQMesh pods can easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data if power is ever interrupted. Faults or failures can be detected, diagnosed and resolved swiftly and remotely, without the need to visit the equipment.

A range of power sources can be used with AQMesh but whether a pod is installed with a continuous power supply, such as battery or solar with backup battery, or whether a simple 12V DC power supply is used, you can be confident that when the power comes back on, the pod will carry on where it left off, with no corruptions or failures to connect. This is not the case with all small sensor systems.

Our latest on-board firmware also allows pod firmware to be updated remotely and can be power cycled remotely should a problem occur, as well as offering a range of diagnostic information which can help identify and address local power issues.