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Monitor exactly where monitoring is required

With wireless communications using the global mobile network and a choice of power options, including batteries, mains supply or a bespoke solar pack, AQMesh can be installed in almost any location.

After 10 years of use in the field, we have seen a good range of monitoring locations. It is reasonable to want to monitor where you need to monitor and not where is convenient. AQMesh started out as a hyper-low power platform, measuring gases and environmental conditions using a lithium thionyl chloride battery that would run for over two years. Our chosen particle monitoring option uses a pump – not a fan – for optimal long-term reliability and improved accuracy as it eliminates issues with electrostatically charged particles, and as such this uses more power. Battery power is still an option but we designed a smart solar pack which can power a pod measuring NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, CO2, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TPC, PM Total, noise and wind speed and direction (all on the same unit) all year round in most parts of the world.

Part of monitoring wherever you need to is to not be limited by communications. After careful consideration of all options, AQMesh uses the mobile phone network, starting with humble but reliable 2G and now offering 4G / 5G / NB-IoT using the latest LTE (Long Term Evolution) communications standard. The infrastructure to support this sort of communication is universal, growing and .. it just works. Reliably. Everywhere you have a mobile phone signal. The same cannot be said of WiFi, ethernet or LoRa, which are not yet universally deployed and limited by range to mostly urban locations.