Multisensor mini air quality monitoring station

Multisensor mini air quality monitoring station

AQMesh pods can measure just one gas or up to six gases, particles, noise and wind speed & direction. Humidity, pressure and pod temperature are always measured.

“You can measure all that with just one unit?” is a common exclamation when potential customers are presented with an AQMesh pod. It is very convenient to be able to install and manage a wide range of sensors in a single piece of hardware and maybe even more so to have access to each of those data channels, with a common time stamp, delivered together. Watch out for similar products which theoretically offer a wide range of measurements but actually are quite limited about what can be measured by a single unit.

So what is the point measuring so many pollutants? For a start, offering temperature, pressure and RH% as standard offers useful metadata, as well as environmental measurements in their own right. We regularly look at temperature measurements of co-located pods to identify local issues that may be affecting data. Although your interest may primarily be in a single measurement (such as NO2) taking other measurements alongside (such as CO2) can provide context and even insight into pollution sources to help ensure that the correct conclusion is drawn from changes in pollutant levels.

Related to this, choosing the AQMesh wind speed and direction sensor as an option provides key information alongside pollution data. Analysing pollution with reference to wind speed and direction can increase the information about local and distant sources, understanding local pollution distribution, and allow the largest possible area to be meaningfully monitored with the smallest possible number of measurements nodes.

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