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Data secure and accessible on the cloud

With measurements processed and stored on the secure AQMeshData server there is no need for site visits to retrieve data and should anything untoward happen to the pod, data is still perfectly safe and accessible. The on-board buffer ensures no data is lost if comms are interrupted but cloud processing keeps hardware power demands to a minimum.

We all use and get the most from “the cloud” every day and it’s no different with air quality data. AQMesh is kept safe, secure, backed up and managed on a world class platform, so all our users benefit in a number of ways.

The first is the incredibly high server uptime (above 99.9%) and reliability of service that we can provide.

Secondly, as soon as sensor output is transmitted and received by our server it is ‘safe’. Although AQMesh pods have a substantial buffer and can store sensor output for months if they need to, the hardware in the field is clearly more vulnerable than on a backed-up server.

Add to that the convenience of full-time access to data and control over settings – without having to go out to site or up a ladder – and the advantages are clear.