Fence line monitoring around an industrial site or airport

AQMesh monitors plant pollution

Monitoring the potential escape of pollutant gases from industrial sites or from airports can be difficult to achieve due to changing weather conditions, which may require a large number of monitoring stations downwind of the escapes.

Due to changing wind speed and direction, plus the large size of many of these sites, the number of monitoring points required to ensure detection of an escape can become cost prohibitive. AQMesh provides a much lower cost solution, allowing many monitoring points to be located around the facility to provide coverage from all directions. In the event of a detection, alerts can be raised  ensuring that action can be taken without delay.

AQMesh can be installed around the perimeter of a factory, oil or gas installation or refinery, airport or other potential source of pollution to confirm that gases are not migrating offsite. The pods can also be installed in nearby residential areas to reassure community residents that they are not being exposed to pollution or to identify the source of any pollution measured.

In combination with meteorological data, source apportionment can also be carried out, allowing sources to be identified and mitigation to reduce pollution sources.