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Proven track record & stability

AQMesh performance and long-term baseline stability has been proven over many years of independent global co-location trials against certified reference equipment, providing AQMesh with a wealth of datasets that no other manufacturer has access to.

Is it the way we sample air? Is it our processing? Is it our assessment of sensors before they are selected for use in AQMesh pods? Is it the QA/QC processes carried out by our server?

All of these factors have a positive impact, resulting in reliable data for years. “Drift”? We hear about drift from other small sensor air quality system manufacturers and we just don’t see it. We carried out long-term trials at our factory and found less than 2ppb drift in the readings from electrochemical sensors across two years.

Nor do we see degradation of response in the optical particle counter (OPC) measuring particulate matter, over time or as a function of high levels of pollution. Occasionally the OPC sample path becomes blocked but this shows a distinctive change in output, can be easily recognised and is a target for our automated QA/QC.