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Industrial emissions

Industrial emissions monitoring

The impact of the industrial and manufacturing sectors on the environment has never been more of a priority. Reducing their effects on air quality due to pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, particulates and VOCs are a key focus for many organisations and regulatory agencies. Many of these sectors are highly regulated and operated under strict guidelines, requiring large, static and extremely expensive compliance equipment which cannot always provide the required resolution to quickly identify problem areas and implement changes at the source of this pollution.

How can AQMesh help industrial emissions?

AQMesh is a small, portable and easy to install air quality monitoring station which incorporates over a decade of experience, independently demonstrated performance and proven robustness alongside unbeatable global customer support to provide actionable data in near real-time. AQMesh has already been incorporated alongside regulatory and compliance equipment around the globe to greatly assist in the optimisation of operations in order to increase pollution monitoring resolution and reduce the risk to the health and wellbeing of workers and surrounding communities, without incurring large and unnecessary operating costs.

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Industrial emissions
Industrial emissions
Industrial emissions

Key benefits of using AQMesh for ambient industrial emissions

  • Accurately measure the target pollutant

    Meaningful correction of cross-gas effects and interference from environmental conditions is consistently delivered through proven and traceable processing.

  • Easy to install

    AQMesh pods are neat, compact and easy install within just a few minutes and experienced technical staff are not required. A 90 second installation video shows just how quick it is to be up and running.

  • Low cost of ownership

    AQMesh pods require very little maintenance and there is a very low ongoing cost. All we recommend is the electrochemical sensors are replaced every two years, and we replace all sensors for free during the first year.

  • Maximum uptime across the network

    Robust hardware, wireless communications and the secure AQMeshData server mean AQMesh pods can easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data if power is ever interrupted. Faults or failures can be detected, diagnosed and resolved swiftly and remotely, without the need to visit the equipment.

  • Real-time pollution alerts

    Email alerts can be set for exceedances on any data channel, completely customisable to the user’s required detection limits and can be integrated into other systems for autonomous control.

  • Proven to last in the field

    AQMesh has been on the market and in the field since 2012, with some customers still successfully operating the exact same pods they received 12 years ago.

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    Our hydrogen sulphide (H2S) monitoring journey literally started in the sludge lanes of a UK wastewater treatment plant in 2017. Since then, AQMesh has been used effectively in a range of applications.

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    AQMesh is being used for industrial air pollution monitoring around the world because it brings together a range of features and services that have been tailored to the needs of construction, mining, petrochemical and other industrial applications.

  • AQMesh delivers accurate PM coarse measurement with customisable alerts

    Many small sensor air quality monitoring systems cannot reliably measure coarse particulate matter, or PM10, because of the technology they use. AQMesh’s proprietary optical particle counter (OPC) delivers high out-of-the-box accuracy across all key particle matter (PM) fractions thanks to its bespoke, in-house design. 

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    AQMesh has been long established as the most proven small sensor system for the air quality monitoring market. 

  • What’s in the air leaving your sites?

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