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AQMesh adds 5G /NB-IoT support to its range of benefits

28-Jan-2021Performance | Product

AQMesh adds 5G /NB-IoT support to its range of benefits

AQMesh is designed to be easy to install and use anywhere in the world. Accessing the global mobile phone network has offered straightforward connectivity for the thousands of pods in use, allowing users to focus on measuring local air quality. As technology advances, the AQMesh objective remains the same: the new AQMesh LTE CAT M1 modem uses the latest LTE (Long Term Evolution) communications standard, including support for NB-IoT (machine-to-machine) where available. Backed by massive global investment in 4G\5G infrastructure, AQMesh is fully “future-proofed”: a pod built today will be able to connect using whichever generation of mobile communications platform is available (4G, 5G, 6G, 7G ..) so users can be confident AQMesh will be sending data in five years’ time and beyond.

Compared to other platforms offered, such as WiFi, LoRa or SigFox, the LTE communications standard used within AQMesh offers:

  • A proven technology backed by a global standard
  • Security, resilience and future-proofing
  • Inherently greater data security
  • Greater (near universal) geographical coverage
  • Transparent costs, with a simple SIM contract and no subscriptions
  • Control over power usage: your equipment will not become a repeater station for others

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