AQMesh low-cost outdoor air quality monitor

AQMesh is the only commercially available and proven low-cost system for monitoring air quality. The product combines a robust hardware platform with the latest sensor technology and GPRS communication, cloud-based data processing and secure online access. AQMesh pods are manufactured in the UK to the very high quality based on many years of experience of developing environmental monitoring equipment for harsh environments and challenging international standards. This experience has also allowed electronic noise to be reduced in such a way that the best possible sensitivity is achieved from the sensors used. Gases are measured using the latest generation of electrochemical sensors, which allow compensation for environmental factors and sensitivity to 5ppb. Particles are measured using a light scattering optical particle counter, and noise is measured using an omnidirectional electret condenser microphone.

NO Icon 150 NO2 Icon 150O3 Icon 150CO Icon 150SO2 Icon 150 PM1 150PM2.5 Icon 150PM10 Icon 150TPC Icon 150

AQMesh pod Features & benefits

  • Measures gases NO, NO2, NOx, O3, CO, SO2
  • Measures particulates PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TPC
  • Also measures %RH, pod temperature, atmospheric pressure and noise
  • Battery powered with various options, including solar power
  • Wireless communications
  • Small size
  • Secure online data access
  • Easy to install within minutes
  • Proven performance against reference equipment
  • Real-time air quality measurements and data analysis
  • Global customer support


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AQMesh low cost outdoor air quality monitor

AQMesh is easy to install within minutes