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Who’s behind AQMesh?

18-Apr-2024Company news | Emissions monitoring | Gas detection | Methane

Who’s behind AQMesh?

Did you know that we have always been part of wider group of companies, offering a portfolio of emissions, leak detection and gas stream monitoring products, software and services, specialising in methane?

For decades, the Ecotec group has been designing, selling and supporting equipment for monitoring landfill gas and biogas. Gazomat in France developed laser-based portable and mobile equipment, used extensively to check very low level methane emissions from natural gas pipelines and networks. California-based Oxigraf specialises in oxygen sensor technology.

What does this mean for AQMesh? Our range of ambient air monitoring sensors – including TVOC, H2S and CO2 – matches and complements the group portfolio of industrial emissions monitoring solutions. We now also offer a methane option, delivering readings alongside all the other channels AQMesh provides, including wind speed and direction. This means we have continuous, stationary methane monitoring options at sub-ppm limit of detection with the laser sensor, or a lower sensitivity small sensor CH4 option.

Let us know if you’d like to know more about our industrial fenceline monitoring options or an introduction to the rest of the Ecotec range of equipment.