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Why we love PAS4023

13-Feb-2024Data validity | Networks | Performance

Why we love PAS4023

Is it normal to get excited about a Publicly Available Standard? For us it feels like a long time coming, and this first step on the long road towards an ISO standard for small sensor air quality monitoring is very welcome.

Whether you are using small sensor systems (with or without MCERTS) or reference grade equipment, you need a clear and agreed process for data, to show that data is trustworthy and reliable. PAS4023 is now freely available to the public to guide users on how to get accurate and valid data from small sensor systems. The standard essentially aims to provide a method for using small sensor systems which ensures any data produced is consistent and comparable to a known standard.

This takes a lot of the risk out of use of this type of monitoring equipment, especially where it has held back adoption in applications where it would add real value.

A QA plan makes all the difference. Without one, data is always open to challenge, however ‘good’ it is. If it can be demonstrated that a project is using the same equipment in the same place, at the same time, and following the PAS4023 document, data is more meaningful and can be used by government bodies.

In the 10+ years that AQMesh has been commercially available, it is the lack of this sort of clear guidance – put together by a team of experts – that has undermined confidence. So, a big thank you from us to the team behind the Standard.

Learn more about PAS4023 here and chat to us about how we can help you manage an air quality monitoring network you can rely on.