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Why do air quality consultants love AQMesh?

25-Mar-2024Consultants | Networks

Why do air quality consultants love AQMesh?

Our pods continue to be pretty popular among environmental and engineering consultancies, both here in the UK and further afield, so we asked some of them what appeals to them most about AQMesh. We were pleasantly surprised by the range of responses we received although there were a number of recurring themes.

  • AQMesh is a brand synonymous with quality in precision of data, robustness and support
  • Pods are compact and easy to install with a range of reliable power options, including a smart solar pack for year-round monitoring
  • Particle (PM) readings are almost instant – available as soon as the first transmission interval, for confidence the unit is working when leaving site
  • LTE-backed communications are reliable in almost any monitoring location, from urban areas to remote industrial sites
  • Sensors and power supplies are changeable in the field, without the need to return to factory
  • Downloading data from the platform is easy and intuitive
  • Data ownership and security is never an issue – client data is always 100% confidential

Are you an AQMesh user? What’s your favourite feature?