Local air quality data secure and accessible?

Air quality is rarely out of the news and there are many initiatives in this field, from developments around conventional monitoring to IoT and smart city initiatives. Following the phrase “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, there is huge growth in local air pollution monitoring in order to improve air quality, given the known health issues.

Small sensor air quality monitoring devices can be mounted flexibly, offering localised air quality information and data analysis, but they vary in what they can measure, how accurately they measure it, and how readings are accessed by users. Critically they also vary in terms of the reliability of data delivery.

The AQMesh system sends sensor output to the cloud server, using 2G/4G/5G as available across the world, where it is processed into meaningful readings. AQMeshData.net is a secure cloud-based server designed, developed, managed and supported by the AQMesh team, based on nearly 10 years of experience supporting AQMesh in use around the world. Data access is available through a range of secure packages, from secure login to view and download data, to the API option for seamless air quality data feeds into other systems and media. Settings for AQMesh pods in the field can be managed using this interface, as well as applying scaling. A basic data delivery option is also available completely free of charge.

Accessing data on the server as opposed to downloading readings from the instrument brings a number of benefits to the user, including power consumption kept to a bare minimum so that a range of power supply options including batteries and autonomous solar can be used. Sensor output is stored on the pod until safe receipt by the server is confirmed.

There is no need for any site visits to retrieve data and, should anything untoward happen to the pod, data is still perfectly safe and accessible. Boots on the ground are also not required should there be a signal loss or power interruption, as the pods can easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data. Faults and failures are detected, diagnosed and resolved remotely – and swiftly – through AQMesh’s proactive systems and technical support team, ensuring that data delivery is maximised. In addition to diagnostics, users are able to set up their own customisable real-time pollution alerts.

AQMesh’s proprietary data processing algorithms have been carefully developed through extensive global co-location comparison trials – now spanning over eight years – in real-world conditions across all seasons and continents. This allows AQMesh to offer meaningful correction of cross-gas effects and interference from environmental conditions. All AQMesh algorithms are fully traceable and fixed by version number, and, unlike other systems, have been achieved with no use of machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Data security is taken very seriously at AQMesh. Encrypted disks, complex authentication, audit logs and proactive systems for continuous detection of vulnerabilities and intrusions are routinely examined, making the AQMeshData server – and users’ data – as secure as possible.

Users of AQMesh and AQMeshData – whether receiving free of charge data or accessing the premium real-time service – will benefit from lifetime ‘upgrades’ to the latest processing algorithms, as pods can be easily switched remotely to the most up to date version.

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