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Five AQMesh pods measure volcanic emissions around Keflavik airport

08-Nov-2021Airports | Networks | Volcanic emissionsIceland

Five AQMesh pods measure volcanic emissions around Keflavik airport

Five AQMesh air quality monitoring pods are currently installed around Keflavic airport in Iceland to monitor gases produced by the nearby volcano at Fagradalsfjall, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The pods were deployed as part of a collaborative project between Isavia, the Icelandic Environment Agency, Suðurnesjabær and AQMesh distributor for Iceland, Verkfræðistofan Vista, in line with Isavia’s sustainability strategy and to ensure good air quality for Isavia staff as well as users of the airport and local residents.

Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, says “It is very important for us to be able to have a good overview of air quality at Keflavík Airport and these new meters make our work easier. Good air quality is important to our staff, guests and the airport’s local environment. The investment in the new meters will therefore also result in increased accuracy in measurements in Reykjanes and in the Environment Agency’s measurement network.”

Three AQMesh pods are located at Keflavic airport, with two others installed in the nearby towns of Sandgerði and in Garður to monitor air quality in the local community. Data from the AQMesh pods will be made available to the public on the Environment Agency’s website, using API to integrate air quality readings into a real-time colour-coded map of the local area.

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Isavia in setting up air quality meters that will ensure good air circulation for Isavia employees, tourists and residents of Reykjanes. The technology has advanced and it is now much easier to have measurements that are shown in real time. We congratulate Isavia on the meters.” says Heiðar Karlsson, CEO of Verkfræðistofan Vista.

He adds “The reason we picked AQMesh as the supplier for this project was for the good accuracy of the pods and their ease to setup and operate. AQMesh have proven that they are able to meet our needs in terms of quick response and technical know-how when it comes to delivering accurate and reliable air quality measurements in a demanding environment.”