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AQMesh used for long-term air quality monitoring in Norwegian Fjord

17-Jun-2020Ports | ShippingNorway

AQMesh used for long-term air quality monitoring in Norwegian Fjord

In 2015 a team from the University of Bonn began monitoring air quality around the Geiranger fjord, Norway. In this pilot study pollutant gases were measured using AQMesh, as well as particulate matter. From 2016 the team installed AQMesh pods at different points around the Fjord. The project is now four years into a long-term programme to quantify pollution, understand the sources and how air pollution is distributed in this complex and sensitive environment.

This project has presented challenges: as well as the harsh climate, which AQMesh is designed to withstand, the mobile phone network – which is critical for communication – also appears to show seasonality, with a reduced network over the winter period. However the AQMesh team has optimised settings remotely to ensure that long-term data capture is ensured.

Geiranger fjord is one of Norway’s most visited tourist sites. In 2005 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

AQMesh is in use around the world and has been deployed across various harbours and ports including the UK, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Germany and Vietnam. AQMesh can measure up to six pollutant gases, as well as particulate matter, within a single, compact pod. Its flexible platform, wireless infrastructure and range of autonomous power supplies mean it can be easily installed exactly where monitoring is required.