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AQMesh to showcase particulate monitoring in 2023

30-Nov-2022Accuracy | Performance | PM

AQMesh to showcase particulate monitoring in 2023

2023 is set to be a big year for AQMesh’s monitoring of particulate matter, with developments in both hardware and data processing offering improved accuracy across key PM fractions. AQMesh is also on the road towards MCERTS indicative certification, submitting data well above the required standard for indicative monitoring, and following on from achieving ISO9001:2015 certification in 2022.

The AQMesh optical particle counter already delivers high accuracy across PM2.5 and PM10, thanks to its proprietary design. The system also has the option to include a heated inlet – which has had a significant uptake during 2022 – to dry the sample prior to measurement and reduce the effects of moisture, leading to even more accurate readings.

AQMesh prides itself on its high levels of accuracy and reliability, and has already repeatedly demonstrated its performance well below the 50% measurement uncertainty required for indicative MCERTS for both PM2.5 and PM10 through extensive co-location comparisons across the globe, in real-world conditions.

The plot below shows AQMesh vs reference for PM2.5 at hourly averages during a one month time period.

Similar high performance can be seen for the more coarse PM10 particles, also at hourly averages over a one month time period, showing how AQMesh can provide more accurate results than nephelometers, which derive PM10, rather than measure it directly, as AQMesh does.

John Downie, Technical Business Development Manager for AQMesh, says “2022 has been successful for AQMesh, despite the turbulent times. We are pleased to have supplied pods to new regions this year, including Saudi Arabia, Angola, Latvia & Uzbekistan, further growing our already expansive global customer base. I’m looking forward to extending our reach even further still next year, especially as we look to achieve MCERTS & CEN certification. We have also seen huge interest in our bespoke smart solar pack – in fact, over 60% of our pod sales this year included the solar option.”

The AQMesh smart solar pack offers autonomous continuous power all year round for an AQMesh pod. More than ‘just a panel’, it features smart connectivity with a mobile app for checking power output, viewing historical data and running diagnostics.

The system continues to prove itself as fit-for-purpose flexible air quality monitor for a range of applications, including mining, construction, government agencies and transport operators. Pods can measure up to five gases out of NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, H2S and TVOC, as well as an additional CO2 sensor, and PM1, PM2.5, PM4, & PM10. These are all fitted in one compact unit, with various autonomous power options and seamless data delivery Wind speed & direction and noise monitoring are also available, with humidity, pressure and pod temperature included as standard.