Why is renting small sensor air quality monitoring systems not more popular?

We know from our customers that they are often monitoring for a particular air quality project, although some are monitoring on an ongoing basis. So why do they always want to buy equipment rather than rent it? With renting you always get the latest equipment version, new sensors, all costs included, full support and even a discount off purchased equipment.

Sure, it’s cheaper to buy when you get beyond two to three years, but sometimes we get the impression that this sort of equipment is not expected to last longer than that (with a 5-year pod warranty and plenty of pods over 10 years old still in use, we don’t know where that view comes from). Is it about capital vs revenue budgets? Is it driven by the tender process?

Anyway, we don’t mind. We’re ready to ship rental or purchased pods with a two-week lead-time, so rent or buy, as suits you.