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Mining air pollution monitoring system

AQMesh air quality monitoring system

A single AQMesh pod can monitor up to 6 gases as well as dust, noise and wind speed & direction with seamless, confidential and secure data delivery.

    All AQMesh pods are built to order with a standard lead time of only 2 weeks.

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      The challenges of monitoring air quality in and around mining facilities

      It isn’t easy to monitor air quality on or around a mining site: dusty, big machinery, water spray to suppress dust – the list goes on. But you may have to, because of a site permit or some other sort of compliance requirement. That’s the main reason we have seen, but other reasons include baselining and for health and safety.

      From curiosity to compliance: air quality around mining operations

      Mining sites are generally dusty places – but how dusty? Is the health of workers at risk, could local communities be affected or operations compromised?

      AQMesh monitors air quality around mining facilities in South Africa

      S I Analytics has supplied 65 AQMesh pods into Southern Africa since 2016, many of which are used in mining applications. The small, post-mounted air pollution monitoring units measure a range of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter, as well as environmental conditions.

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