AQMesh small sensor air quality monitoring system

About AQMesh

AQMesh is the proven small sensor outdoor air quality monitor, manufactured in the UK by Environmental Instruments Ltd and supported worldwide through a global network of distributors. It has been designed to offer a robust and easy-to-use air quality monitoring system that can deliver localised real-time readings, improving the accuracy and scope of gathering air quality data in order to support initiatives to reduce air pollution and its risk to human health.

  • AQMesh pods measure key pollutants in ambient air, both outdoor and indoor, using the best small sensor technology combined with data processing derived from extensive global comparisons with reference data.
  • AQMesh has been independently tested, with readings compared to reference by leading air quality professionals.
  • AQMesh provides the key measurements needed to understand local air quality all from a single, easily-mounted unit.
  • AQMesh performance has developed through a series of global co-location comparison trials in which AQMesh pods are installed next to an air quality reference station, with the comparative data analysed to produce a correlation coefficient (R2 value) showing the close relationship between the instruments.

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