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AQMesh demonstrates legitimacy of small sensors for air quality in Cambridge

At the RSC AAMG event on ‘Air Quality Monitoring: Evolving Issues and New Technologies’ Professor Rod Jones of the University of Cambridge presented a paper showing very encouraging results. “Because we know that all the pods read the same and because we have a comparison between one pod and a reference instrument we can say … Read more >>

Crushed AQMesh pod still working perfectly

An AQMesh pod used in the recent Citi-Sense project in Norway was returned to us at the end of the project, and we were surprised at the condition. Despite the damage, this robust little pod was still working perfectly, with data still being received. AQMesh pods are able to measure up to 6 gases, including NO2 … Read more >>

AQMesh performance proven in independent study of air quality sensor systems

The Assessment of Air Quality Microsensors verses reference methods: The EuNetAir joint exercise has recently been published, and shows an R2 against for reference for AQMesh of >0.8 for NO2. Read the full study here. EuNetAir is the European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability, working towards European-wide air … Read more >>

AQMesh solar unit gives flexible air quality monitoring

January, for many of us, is a surprising time to focus on solar energy but a new solar power unit designed specifically to power the AQMesh air quality monitoring system can power a full-specification pod throughout any western European winter. Lithium batteries established AQMesh as the first reliable ‘small sensor’ air quality monitoring device that … Read more >>

AQMesh featured on BBC Newsnight

Last Monday, 17th October, BBC’s Newsnight focussed on outdoor air quality issues, with particular reference to the ongoing Client Earth court case against the government for delay in compliance with air quality regulations. In the episode, David Grossman cycles along the A3 with an AQMesh pod attached to his bike, capturing air pollution readings in … Read more >>

Watch the webinar: Introduction to AQMesh

Watch our webinar from today about AQMesh, covering topics including: What is AQMesh? Which ambient air pollutants does it measure – and how? What applications is it used for? Q&A  

Introduction to AQMesh webinar: Wednesday 26th October

The AQMesh team will be delivering an Introduction to AQMesh webinar on 26th October 2016 at 4.30pm (GMT daylight time). Topics covered include: What is AQMesh? Which ambient air pollutants does it measure – and how? What applications is it used for? Q&A You can join the webinar from you computer, tablet or smartphone using the … Read more >>

The challenges and benefits of local air quality monitoring

A new generation of air quality monitors is now being offered to provide localised, real-time air quality readings – but the potential benefit is only just starting to be realised. It is generally accepted that whilst measurements from air quality reference stations are highly accurate, they are not sufficiently location-specific. Key pollutants – such as … Read more >>

Real-world monitoring of air quality using low cost air quality sensors

The emergence of sensors capable of measuring the gases and particles that make up air pollution, especially in cities and industrial areas, has driven many academic studies which evaluate the sensors and compare performance against reference methodology. Such projects provide valuable and thorough assessment, but they currently work slower than the pace of low cost … Read more >>

AQMesh: a new option for flexible air quality monitoring

AQMesh has an impressive collection of global users and performance results measuring ambient air quality in applications ranging from traffic planning and urban hotspots to industrial fence line monitoring, building ventilation management, or environmental lobbying. This pole-mounted unit comes with an independent power supply and communications, so offering the possibility of measuring air quality exactly … Read more >>

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