User assessment

Before contacting AQMesh about a potentially faulty pod, please check the information below relevant to your problem and how you may be able to resolve the issue.

Data has stopped

  • Has a direct power supply been switched off?
  • Is the pod’s power supply connected to a wider supply which may have been routinely or accidentally switched off?
  • Has the internal battery failed? Battery voltage is reported and can be seen falling below 3.3V immediately before failure
  • Is there poor solar charge? Use the AQMesh solar pack mobile app to check battery voltage
  • Is there poor cellular communications in the area?

Missing data periods

  • Are there issues with the power source (as above)? This may be the cause if only PM data is missing but other data is still being transmitted.

Abnormally high pollutant levels

  • These could be genuine – check related pollutant levels in the area
  • Have you been monitoring indoors, in a tunnel, next to a significant pollutant source, either permanently or temporarily?
  • What scaling factors (slope and offset) have been applied, if any?

Abnormally low pollutant levels

  • What scaling factors (slope and offset) have been applied, if any?

If you are on site where the pod is installed, please check and collect the following information before removing the pod or contacting AQMesh

  • Check all connections from a direct power source
  • Check the voltage from a solar power source
  • Check for any obvious external damage
  • Listen to hear if the PM sampling pump is buzzing on and off (PM pods only)
  • Check that all the screws are in place
  • Check for water inside the pod – if present please take photos and note how much water there is
  • Please take photos of the pod from different angles, with one showing the pod serial number
  • Please take photos of any directly connected power supply arrangement

If you need to contact AQMesh regarding this pod after completing your own assessment please confirm your details below to raise a support ticket. The team at AQMesh will respond initially with suggestions to resolve the problem remotely. If this is not possible we will issue a returns authorisation number (RAN) for the pod to be returned to us for investigation.

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Your contact details will only be used in order to respond to your query. Your contact details may be forwarded to your nearest authorised AQMesh distributor for further support with your query. For more details on how your information is used please read the privacy policy.

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