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Data access to suit you

AQMesh is available with a range of secure data access packages tailored for varying levels of requirements. AQMesh currently offers three different methods of data access from its bespoke AQMeshData server. Users may also choose to use alternative data services provided by AQMesh UK distributor, ACOEM Air Monitors.

The table below provides an overview of which features and benefits are available with each option, with further details about the various packages outlined underneath.

  Basic download API* Web application* API or web application
Data access Secure CSV file Secure API login Secure web app interface login Secure API/login/CSV download
Data collection 10 minutes Near real-time Near real-time Near real-time
Data delivery Weekly/monthly/scheduled On demand On demand On demand
Data storage 12 months 12 months 12 months 5+ years
Web app access
Change pod settings
Failed sensor alerts
Cross-gas affected sensor alerts
Destabilised sensor alerts
Sensor rebasing
PM deliquescence filter**
Additional features     Email alerts Email alerts
      Dynamic time averaging Dynamic time averaging
      Export to Excel Export to CSV
      Advanced graphing Advanced graphing
      Mapping Mapping
        OpenAir analytics
        Air Now compatibility
        Linear regression analysis

* API and web application data access packages are available as either standard or premium options.

The standard option is for reading interval settings of 10 minutes or longer.
The premium option is for reading interval settings of shorter than 10 minutes.
(Please note, the premium option is not available for basic download).

For more information contact us or your local distributor.

**Deliquescence is the effect of ambient humidity causing particle size to increase. web application

The video above will demonstrate how you can access and view your date online with AQMeshData.

AQMeshData is a secure cloud-based server designed, developed, managed and supported in house by the AQMesh development team.

When logging in to AQMeshData's secure web application with its advanced, dynamic and intuitive user interface users can:

  • View readings graphically or in tabular form
  • Download readings
  • Manage AQMesh pod settings
  • Add slope and offset values

AQMeshData uses the https:// protocol, where the ‘s’ represents a secure connection using SSL (secure socket layer). SSL is a type of security that provides an encrypted connection to the server.

Users of the AQMeshData web application can login here. API feed

The AQMesh API offers a secure and seamless air quality data feed into any system or media from the secure AQMeshData server.

API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and is a machine-to-machine protocol that clients may use to integrate data from AQMesh with other systems. This is a popular choice for customers wanting to incorporate real-time air quality data into a wider range of information being made visual to the public. uses the https:// protocol, where the ‘s’ represents a secure connection using SSL (secure socket layer). SSL is a type of security that provides an encrypted connection to the server. The API connection also requires encrypted OATH tokens which offers another level of protection.

Please note that setting up and using the AQMesh API will require clients to have some level of computer programming knowledge and understanding in order to implement correctly on their side. is a cloud based application providing management, analysis, validation and reporting of air quality data. It is compatible with AQMesh pods, AQWeb data loggers and can ingest and combine data from other online sources. provides an easy to use interface in most major languages helping users to view and compare data from their AQMesh monitoring sites and make sense of the data. A linear regression tool allows comparisons between pods or between pods and reference stations to be managed and will automatically apply slope and offset adjustments to pod data further improving “out of the box” data quality.

Open Air tools provide the ability to analyse air quality data using powerful graphical formats in a matter of seconds and output in a variety of formats. Data can be exported in JSON , CSV and XML formats from the application or via an API for integration into other software packages. is available for a small monthly subscription and includes all of the above features at no additional cost.

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