Data access package options

AQMesh is available with a range of data access packages tailored for varying levels of requirements.

See the table below for more information on which features and benefits are available with each option:

Basic API AQMeshData
Data access Secure online folder API feed Secure login & CSV download API feed or CSV download
Data collection Near real-time Near real-time Near real-time Near real-time
Data delivery Weekly On demand On demand On demand
Data storage 12 months 12 months 12 months 5+ years
Secure login access
Change pod settings
Failed sensor alerts
Cross-gas affected sensor alerts
Destabilised sensor alerts
Sensor rebasing
PM moisture filter
 Additional features Email alerts
  Data validation
  Linear regression analysis
  OpenAir analytics
  Air Now compatibility
  Dynamic time averaging
  Powerful API in JSON and CSV
  Advanced graphing