Traffic impact on air pollution

AQMesh monitors traffic pollution

Modern intelligent traffic systems are designed to move traffic in an efficient manner as well as reduce the environmental impact of traffic on nearby populations. This includes the effects of noise, particle pollution and gases.

Conventional air quality monitoring systems are often too large and complex to install in the locations where monitoring is necessary, such as junctions and interchanges as well as busy trunk roads. In this application, the absolute accuracy of the sensors is of secondary importance to being able to prove reliable trend information and the ability to be placed at multiple locations along major roadways.

AQMesh pods are an ideal solution for this type of monitoring as they are small and operate on battery power. Data is returned in near real-time to a web-based application in formats recognised by most traffic management systems. The trends can then be compared with traffic flow and meteorological information to allow traffic managers to better understand the conditions leading to pollutant excursions and thus how to minimise and prevent them in future.

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