Setting up a co-location comparison trial with a reference station

To set up an effective trial to compare AQMesh performance against a reference station we recommend following this advice:

  • A reliable reference station (maintained and ideally certified) should be chosen as the trial location, in an environment where there is some pollution
  • At least 2 AQMesh pods should be used to allow comparison between pods, as well as against reference
  • The essential parameters measured by the reference station: NO, NO2, O3, RH and temperature
  • Optional parameters measured by the reference station could be: SO2, CO
  • All trial pods should be co-located with the reference station inlet, ideally immediately adjacent or at least no more than 1m apart, like shown:

  • Pods must be allowed 2 days for environmental stabilisation*
  • Readings will reach optimum performance after an additional 2 days when rebasing is completed
  • If pods are moved at any point, environmental stabilisation* and rebasing will need to be initiated again

*Environmental stabilisation is the process by which electrochemical sensors adjust to a change in ambient temperature or relative humidity. Any significant change to these conditions will affect readings until the sensors have stabilised.

Examples of changes in environmental conditions:

  • Transportation in an enclosed environment, eg: a car, van or plane where the internal environment is controlled with heating or air conditioning
  • When a pod is brought into an office environment, even briefly, for storage or maintenance

Examples where environmental conditions are maintained:

  • Transportation of pods by foot from one location to another
  • Transportation of pods in an open truck

If your comparison data still doesn’t look right, please see the ‘Why doesn’t my data look right?’ FAQ to identify common issues.

For more information please contact us.