Can I replace or recharge batteries?

The default power option for AQMesh is a DC power supply which can be connect to local mains power or a solar panel. Some pods, however, use a lithium battery, and AQMesh can also be used with a rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery pack. This has a much shorter battery life than the lithium battery, but is supplied via your local distributor as a pack of two batteries and a charging unit. These are the same size as the current lithium batteries (4 x 1 in shape) so can be used in pods which previously had the non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

How will I know if my lithium battery needs replacing?

A low battery alert is sent when a lithium battery has approximately a month’s power remaining. This should allow plenty of time for a replacement to be sourced and installed without interrupting data. The lithium battery is not rechargeable and must be disposed of according to local regulations. As the power delivery is extremely stable across the battery’s life it is not possible to measure remaining battery charge before the point that it declines after approximately 2 years.

This graph shows the typical lithium battery life pattern:


How to replace the lithium battery in an AQMesh pod:

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