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AQMesh introduces new CO2 and H2S monitoring capability

AQMesh is now able to offer CO2 and H2S within its range of gas options for local air pollution monitoringAQMesh is now able to offer CO2 and H2S within its range of gas options for local air pollution monitoring.

The NDIR CO2 sensor, which can be offered within a single AQMesh pod alongside five other gases out of NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2 or H2S, as well as PM1, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, pressure and humidity, has been developed to deliver a higher performance than those typically used for indoor air quality monitoring. It has been rigorously tested against Picarro reference equipment, resulting in an R2 value of 0.93. Pod-to-pod correlation of over 20 AQMesh pods has shown R2 values of 0.98 and 0.99, and the sensor has a MAE (mean absolute error) of less than 20ppm.

In addition to monitoring deviations from ambient levels of CO2, elevated CO2 levels can indicate that monitoring is taking place in a combustion plume and levels of other gases can be interpreted accordingly. For example, the ratio of CO2 to the other pollutant gases present can indicate whether those gases were emitted by a local or distant source.

An additional electrochemical sensor has been introduced to offer H2S measurements. After integrating the sensor, measurements have been compared to readings from a Honeywell SPM Flex installed at a sewage treatment site with an R2 value of 0.87 over a measurement range of 0-150ppb. Particularly of interest to the oil and gas industry, in association with the SO2 monitoring already available on AQMesh, it can be used to measure emissions from sour gas and residual emissions from flaring operations.

AQMesh can measure up to 6 pollutant gases in various combinations, as well as particulate matter, humidity, atmospheric pressure and noise in one small, compact easy-to-install unit. There is a range of wireless power options, including lithium battery packs and solar panels, with information sent in near real-time to a secure server via cellular GPRS. Data can be accessed by a secure login or can be streamed via an API connection.

AQMesh pods are in use across the globe in a variety of indoor and outdoor air pollution monitoring applications, and are becoming increasingly popular in smart cities and networks. Pod performance has been proven through extensive testing in worldwide co-location comparison trials with reference equipment, which have delivered impressive and reliable correlation results.


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German AQMesh distributor Envilyse visits Austria for annual ambient air conference

In October, the AQMesh distributor in Germany – Envilyse – was personally invited to Austria to take part in an annual conference for the ambient air community. During the two-day event, members from the Austrian monitoring networks delivered lectures and shared information on current ambient air monitoring issues.

Envilyse currently run a number of AQMesh projects throughout Germany and Austria and were promoting AQMesh on their stand during the event.

AQMesh selected for 2017 Parliamentary Review

AQMesh selected for Parliamentary Review 2017 AQMesh was selected to be included in the 2017 Parliamentary Review as an industry leader within the environmental technology sector.

The Parliamentary Review is an annual publication which is released to coincide with the beginning of the new Parliamentary year, acting as a guide to cross-sector best practice for the UK’s leading policy makers. The AQMesh team was invited to join Members of Parliament and celebrities at a Gala launch event in the Members’ dining room at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, London.

AQMesh features alongside a small number of other outstanding organisations in the publication, looking back on the year in industry and how leaders have overcome challenges in the current economic and political climate.

The AQMesh feature describes how this new ‘small sensor’ system is revolutionising air quality monitoring, allowing pollution to be understood at a truly local level for the first time. “This means policy makers have the best possible change of taking informed steps to protect the public from air pollution,” comments Amanda Billingsley, Director at Environmental Instruments Ltd., the Stratford-upon-Avon based manufacturer. “AQMesh is a global sector leader and we are delighted to have our achievements recognised in this way.”

AQMesh is also working with UK, European and US authorities to help shape the certification process and develop suitable methods for assessing small sensor air quality systems. As the article explains, “because AQMesh has led the field for several years, it will help to shape the certification process by showing what is possible with such equipment”.

Read the full review here, with AQMesh featured from page 55.

AQMesh in BBC air quality feature

AQMesh showed its versatility in the BBC’s Inside Out feature on air quality (West region). The programme aired on 6th March but is available on iPlayer at until 5th April. AQMesh pods were used on the back of a bicycle and inside a taxi, to show the NO2 and particulate matter exposure experienced by a cyclist and a driver.

The feature, shown in the first 10 minutes of the programme, underlines the high levels of PM 2.5 that drivers in queueing traffic are exposed to and Professor Gavin Shaddick of the University of Bath provided an overview of the issues.

The fact that battery powered AQMesh pods can be used to measure air quality in such a range of locations has made it popular with broadcasters, as well as more typical users, such as local authorities, researchers or industrial customers. AQMesh has featured recently on BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 Dispatches.

AQMesh monitors air quality from a bicycle

AQMesh shows PM and NO2 cyclist exposure

Crushed AQMesh pod still working perfectly

An AQMesh pod used in the recent Citi-Sense project in Norway was returned to us at the end of the project, and we were surprised at the condition. Despite the damage, this robust little pod was still working perfectly, with data still being received.

AQMesh pods are able to measure up to 6 gases, including NO2 and CO2, particulate matter, noise and atmospheric conditions within a variety of environments – and it seems they can also possibly withstand significant damage.

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AQMesh featured on BBC Newsnight
Image of AQMesh pod featured on BBC Newsnight
Screenshot of AQMesh pod featured in the BBC Newsnight programme on 17th October 2016

Last Monday, 17th October, BBC’s Newsnight focussed on outdoor air quality issues, with particular reference to the ongoing Client Earth court case against the government for delay in compliance with air quality regulations.

In the episode, David Grossman cycles along the A3 with an AQMesh pod attached to his bike, capturing air pollution readings in real-time. The AQMesh pod proves there are high levels of pollutants – such as NO2 – in the air as he travels.

If you are in the UK and have a TV licence, you can watch the episode here (the air quality section begins at approximately 35 mins into the episode).


Watch the webinar: Introduction to AQMesh

AQMesh podWatch our webinar from today about AQMesh, covering topics including:

  • What is AQMesh?
  • Which ambient air pollutants does it measure – and how?
  • What applications is it used for?
  • Q&A


Introduction to AQMesh webinar: Wednesday 26th October

The AQMesh team will be delivering an Introduction to AQMesh webinar on 26th October 2016 at 4.30pm (GMT daylight time).

Topics covered include:

  • What is AQMesh?
  • Which ambient air pollutants does it measure – and how?
  • What applications is it used for?
  • Q&A

You can join the webinar from you computer, tablet or smartphone using the link below:

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AQMesh on Channel 4’s Dispatches – Dirty Secrets: What’s Really In Our Air?

At 8pm on Monday 22nd February, Channel 4 Dispatches revealed that air pollution could be much more dangerous than previously believed. The Dirty Secrets: What’s Really In Our Air? programme features AQMesh pods being used in tests to prove high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at road traffic hot spots – and even from your gas cooker – which could be a contributing factor for breathing problems and medical conditions, particularly in children, across the nation.

Read the full article by Channel 4

Watch the 30 minute programme, available for the next 29 days.

AQMesh partner Cambridge University releases low cost AQ sensors video and article

“Stable enough to be installed as long-term static detectors around a city, and sensitive enough to detect small changes in air quality on a street-by-street basis” says Professor Rod Jones of the University of Cambridge. See what else he has to say about the vision and development behind AQMesh here.