AQMesh / ref co-location comparison results from Leicester (UK)

Urban background co-location (AQMesh and reference) of a single AQMesh pod gives R2 of  0.95 for NO and 0.81 for NO2 after local scaling (ref. Advanced user mode). Based on 4 weeks of data in the UK in January 2015. The next stage in this University of Leicester project is to co-locate all their 11 AQMesh pods with the reference station to calculate and apply scaling to achieve a high level of accuracy along with the already high performance between pods as well as against the reference station. The individual pods will them be moved out across the city of Leicester for a number of traffic monitoring studies, including a multi-point round-a-bout study looking at the differences in traffic pollution at the various stages of the process as well as other interesting applications for AQMesh…

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