Only 10 reasons to buy AQMesh?

That’s what we thought, but here’s another one: it was designed as a practical monitoring tool. AQMesh’s relatively tiny size means that on top of its proven accuracy, users can benefit from its neat ergonomics and complete practicality.

But why else would you buy AQMesh?

  1. No other commercially available outdoor air quality monitor can demonstrate the same level of accuracy
  2. AQMesh can be installed anywhere, completely unconstrained by power and communications cables
  3. It’s an all-inclusive package, measuring 5 gases, 4 particulates, and environmental conditions
  4. AQMesh was developed through world-class partnerships
  5. Your data is completely secure
  6. Anybody can install, maintain and operate AQMesh
  7. AQMesh can be managed from easy-accessible settings on a secure online dashboard
  8. The instrument has the quality you expect from a leading manufacturer
  9. AQMesh is fit for purpose
  10. We provide real, ongoing user support
  11. AQMesh was designed as a practical tool

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