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AQMesh industrial fenceline air pollution monitor for accurate emissions monitoring

AQMesh small sensor air quality monitoring system

AQMesh is an industrial air quality monitoring system ideal for fenceline monitoring. AQMesh pods are indicative air quality monitors that can measure up to 6 gases – including H2S and CO2 – as well as PM, noise and wind speed & direction with seamless data delivery and a range of autonomous power options. AQMesh industrial air quality sensors can be used in a variety of ambient emissions monitoring applications, including oil & gas, petrochemical, mining and construction, to ensure compliance with air quality and environmental protection regulations.

  • Neat, compact and easy to use mini air quality monitoring station
  • Complete environmental monitoring solution for fenceline air pollution
  • Accurately measure industrial emissions and know where they’re coming from
  • CO2 monitoring, H2S monitoring and SO2 monitoring
  • MCERTS Indicative certification for PM2.5 and PM10
  • Data visualisation software
  • Real-time pollution alerts
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wireless communications and power supply options
  • Options for measuring noise and wind speed & direction
  • Latest LTE communications with NB-IoT support
  • Proven performance and out-of-the-box accuracy
  • Independently verified
  • Global supply and support
  • Trusted by thousands of users across the world

AQMesh news & case studies

Looking behind the scenes of dust & PM monitoring

Measuring particulate matter (PM) accurately comes with a number of challenges, including effects from humidity and differing particle sizes. Technological considerations are also a factor, such as variable sample flow rates and the physical size and diameter of the sample path, which could affect the number of particles able to be measured.

Supporting your air quality monitoring system when you can’t get to it

Each time we think we have found a spectacularly remote monitoring location, an even more inaccessible spot is reported by one of our users. Full-day trips to visit a location have now been beaten by customers who need to charter a plane to reach them. So, remote diagnostics and support are very important.

Check H2S, SO2 and VOC emissions continuously around your sites

If you are responsible for air pollution around an oil, gas or industrial site, you have a range of options at different price points. AQMesh offers a cost-effective way to continuously monitor ambient air quality, as frequently as every minute, with readings accessed securely online and user-settable alerts.

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    AQMesh applications

    • Fenceline monitoring

      Fenceline monitoring

      Fenceline monitoring – or perimeter / boundary monitoring – is the process of monitoring emissions from industrial facilities along the site’s boundary, in order to ensure that any pollution from the site’s operational activity are either not escaping off the site, or if they are they are not exceeding any regulatory limits.

    • Industrial emissions

      Industrial emissions

      The impact of the industrial and manufacturing sectors on the environment has never been more of a priority. Reducing their effects on air quality due to pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, particulates and VOCs are a key focus for many organisations and regulatory agencies.

    • Mining


      Whether you’re a mining operator or a consultant offering monitoring services to your mining clients, AQMesh offers a robust, versatile and reliable solution for air pollution monitoring across the site and along the site perimeter.

    • Construction


      Air quality monitoring is the process of monitoring ambient pollutants, particles and dust from construction sites, in order to ensure that any pollution from the site’s operational activity are either not escaping off the site, or if they are they are not exceeding any regulatory limits.

    Latest blogs

    Community monitoring vs. industrial monitoring

    Communities and industry are monitoring air quality around the same areas, so they both want the same thing, right? Er, no, not really ..

    ASIC discussions look at AI vs non-AI calibration

    So how do you do it? Many presentations at the recent ASIC conference revolved around calibration of small sensor air quality systems, including that given by AQMesh Technical Business Development Manager, John Downie. 

    You really want to measure that H2S range??

    Requests to measure hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in ambient air at unthinkably high levels seem to be at odds with our efforts to detect and report single-figure parts per billion H2S emissions. So, why are we asked for such high ranges? 

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