We have tried to cover some of the most common questions here but please contact us if your question is not answered here.

Online access: default and advanced user modes

Online user access to the pod is available on two levels:

  1. Default settings offer a simple way for any new user to get readings quickly from AQMesh
  2. Advanced user settings are accessible by all users, allowing fine-tuning of performance, when co-location with a reference station is possible, through scaling
 User feature  Default user Advanced user
 Apply calculated or estimated value for offset for a specific sensor  Yes  Yes
 Apply calculated value for slope for a specific sensor  No  Yes
 View AQMesh data as a graph online  Yes  Yes
 Download final AQMesh results for all parameters  Yes  Yes
 View negative data to -20ppb on online graphs  Yes  Yes
 Download negative data for all parameters  No  Yes
 Download pre-scaled values for all parameters  No  Yes

Operating manual

Many common questions are answered in the AQMesh operating manual. If you still have a query, please contact us.