Secure data access

AQMesh-performanceAQMesh data is accessed securely online and is available in two ways:

1   Graphs presented online

2   Data download

Data can be viewed or downloaded for any given time period and for any combination of parameters. Readings are generally accessible about 15 minutes after the data transmission time set. also allows the facility for two pods to be compared online.

Data files include:

  • Time – time zone can be set online
  • Readings  – ppb or µg/m3 for gases, P/cm3 for particle count
  • Data flags – this indicates data which should be used with care or discarded, such as readings which are below the detection limit of the equipment or are during the stabilisation phase of a new, replaced or moved electrochemical sensor
  • Scaling – changes to offset or slope applied by the user are shown in the data file

There are some differences between data files produced in the two different user modes – Default and Advanced:

 User feature  Default user Advanced user
 Apply calculated or estimated value for offset for a specific sensor  Yes  Yes
 Apply calculated value for slope for a specific sensor  No  Yes
 View AQMesh data as a graph online  Yes  Yes
 Download final AQMesh results for all parameters  Yes  Yes
 View negative data to -20ppb on online graphs  Yes  Yes
 Download negative data for all parameters  No  Yes
 Download pre-scaled values for all parameters  No  Yes


Data cannot be downloaded directly from the pods.