AQMesh applications

aqmesh_2AQMesh can be used for a wide range of applications. As this type of product is so new, practitioners are only starting to appreciate the ways in which better data – high time resolution and high spatial resolution – can open up new applications. This list is just the beginning for low-cost air quality monitoring.


See how Carmarthenshire Council are using AQMesh in the UK

  • Checking pollutant levels in a traffic tunnel and a ventilation shaft to confirm effectiveness
  • Confirming that pollution along bus routes is improved by upgrading of exhaust processing on the local bus fleet
  • Attributing local pollution around an airport to aviation and traffic sources
  • Street canyon effects – measuring pollution across a road to understand the contribution made by local (traffic) sources and wider background pollution. Read more.

More about traffic applications.


  • Source apportionment of pollution – establishing where pollution of a particular profile is coming from
  • Establishing where and when an industrial plume has touched the ground
  • Fence line monitoring around an industrial site. Read more.

Health protection

  • Mobile monitoring (on foot) around an urban route to understand personal exposure
  • Monitoring pollution at different levels up an urban high rise building to understand exposure with windows open. Read more.

If you have an application and would like advice about whether AQMesh would be suitable, please contact us.