About AQMesh

About AQMesh

AQMesh was born out of the UK-based MESSAGE project which started in 2006. At this stage there were few voices calling for a different approach to air quality monitoring but since then the demand has increased for greater spatial resolution of measurements. Now the requirement is for a tool which can deliver truly flexible location, but has performance which is acceptably close to the laboratory equipment which has become industry standard.

AQMesh has been designed to offer a robust and easy to use instrument platform as well as a data processing algorithm that can deliver near real-time readings in all environmental conditions anywhere, at any time.

For the first time, air quality professionals have access to a tool to deliver measurements with both spatial and temporal resolution. What can such data offer? What are the applications and benefits? How could it change the world we live in?

Find out more about the AQMesh conceptAQMesh operationair quality monitoring applications, or latest AQMesh performance.

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